denka lift

Denka ranks as the lightest weight aerial lift in the world in its height range with a total weight of just 5,850 pounds. A comparable lift weighs over 25,000 pounds. Its amazing aerial lifts access heights up to 92 feet yet fit through a 36-inch wide door. The Denka is truly unique, with its low floor pressure loads, compact and flexible design and powered by battery or 110 volt electric, other lifts simply don’t measure up.

The Denka Lifts have proven to be the indoor lift of choice for many trades including electricians, glaziers, fire protection, painters, window cleaners, window tinters and inspectors. Powered by on-board batteries or 110 volt standard electric, this quiet, two-person lift sets up quickly in tight areas.

The 92 foot model and the 82 foot model weighs 5,850 pounds and 5,450 pounds respectively, making it the lightest weight aerial lift in the world in its height range. Safe on the most delicate of flooring materials, including marble, granite and gymnasium floors, it is often the only lift that the structural engineers will approve when a boom lift is required for heights ranging from 50 to 92 feet and floor loading restrictions of 110 PSI or less are required.

Our narrow Track mounted boom lifts have been used to navigate more challenging terrain such as stairs, water parks, outdoor courtyards, and landscaped areas where berms and swales don’t allow traditional lifts to navigate.

Since the Denka is the lightest, most flexible boom lift in its height range, it has been successfully hoisted, towed, ramped and rolled into position for use in a wide variety of unique applications.

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