Logitrans is one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment with over 50 years of experience. Today, more than 100 qualified employees within our development, production, sale and service departments are fulfilling customer requirements worldwide. With our high awareness concerning quality and the environment, we fulfill the requirements of the future. Logitrans was founded in 1940 during the Second World War – and has a long history and a lot of traditions. Logitrans has been abreast of the trends of time and customer requirements all the years, both on product development and production processes.

Logitrans has received a large number of awards for the products developed as well as for being a good company. Awards received consist of:

2005 – Recognition of the environmental efforts, given by Miljønetværk Ribe Amt (the Environmental Network of the county of Ribe) – Logitrans receives diploma for the third time

2002 – The side-tilting forks receive the bronze award as “Product of the year” from the American magazine “Plant Engineering” Award for being a company with a human and open attitude, given by local authorities in Ribe and Bramming

2001 – Diploma for extraordinary environmental work given to Logitrans A/S by Miljønetværk Ribe Amt (the Environmental Network of the county of Ribe). Approved as a company in the category 1 by the Danish Working Environment Service

2000 – Award for extraordinary efforts to the benefit of Danish production and economy, given by Landsforeningen Dansk Arbejde (National Association for promotion of Danish work) Business award from Ribe municipality

1998 – Innovation Award for the electric/hydraulic Logitilt (LT 1000TE) from the Institute of Packaging in New Zealand

And many more awards.

For more information on Logitrans products and company, visit its website www.logitrans.com