Soosung is one of the leading manufacturers of battery-driven material handling equipments. We have been exclusively specializing in the fields of industry for more than 44 years since our establishment in 1970.

The achievement of Safety has driven Soosung Family to manufacture durable and reliable products, which enables Soosung to have more than 70% of local market share in the area of small and medium-sized integrated equipments through 65 Dealers at home together with exporting them to more than 56 countries.

We ensure quick delivery to both for local market and abroad customers who have sufficient space in logistics centers, factories and warehouses.

CE Mark and ISO 9001 certification has accelerated Soosung to lead the good reputation in this material handling industries. We continue to strive to meet the requirements of Customer Satisfaction whether it’s a single product or package ones.

Our fastidious effort in R&D and drive in technology help to secure our position in the competitive market ahead of other Players worldwide.

In the new era ahead of us, we face new challenges with urr tireless efforts to launch the best quality products to our Customers at home and abroad. This is our driving force with makes up who Soosung is.

Soosung complete range of exciting products are featured here;