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Rite-Hite industrial doors are designed to bring your workflow to its highest potential. We are well-known for high-speed, low-maintenance and maximum-uptime. Rite-Hite Doors offers a full-line of unique high performance door solutions in both industrial fabric roll up doors and industrial bi-parting doors designed to meet your application requirements.

Ensuring your facility has the right doors to meet different needs can be difficult. Rite-Hite offers an extensive selection of industrial exterior and interior door solutions – from cold storage, cooler, and freezer doors to clean room, pharmaceutical, and machine guarding doors. Different industrial applications – high speed, roll-up, bi-parting, sliding, sectional, overhead or dock doors – have their own unique issues and obstacles to overcome, and our industrial doors have been engineered with that in mind.

The industrial door products below will provide more information about our door solutions, but your local Rite-Hite representative is the best resource for identifying the doors for your industry which provide optimal performance in your unique environment.



Cold storage, Cooler & Freezer Doors

Inefficiencies around the openings of your cold storage areas can be costly. If you look around your cold storage, cooler or freezer doors, you may see signs. Signs of costly energy loss, effort wasted, excess humidity, and time lost are seen throughout the facility, but sometimes it’s too late. If you are seeing frost on the edges of you cold storage door, water or ice on the floor from condensation, or buildup on your freezer walls, ceiling or doors, it is time to replace your door. Rite-Hite cold storage doors offer energy, maintenance and productivity savings.

Rite-Hite Doors’ lineup of cold storage doors includes high-speed, tight-sealing, insulated and energy efficient fabric panels. We lead the way with industrial freezer doors including the FasTrax® FR, an insulated and impactable cold storage solution which is two times faster than the competition and superior in maintaining environmental control. At Rite-Hite you’ll find innovative new cold storage doors that combine fast operation and a superior seal design like the unique Thermal Air System and InsulMax curtain. The doors’ high-speed, high-cycle operation features tight seals, insulated panels and outstanding impactability. Basically, what you’ll find here are door solutions to meet virtually any need. Check them out for yourself.

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