Nestainer Stackable Storage Rack

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Nestainer racking system is a brilliant solution when it comes to organizing space in any warehouse. It is designed to that the racks can be stacked on top of one another, standing on its side frame, with goods in the racks , they do not need to be removed separately, the whole rack is shifted and stacked, leaving behind empty space for usage. At the sametime, its design allows empty ‘Nestainers’ to be stacked up and stored away, saving space.

There are standard sizes that is applied, but based on customer requirements, custom sizes can also be designed and manufactured. Standard version of Nestainers comes with galvanized finish, with color options available based on customer requirement. In applying the ‘Nestainer’ racking storage system, it will assist in:

  • Increasing storage space utilization
  • Improving labor/equipment efficiency
  • Enhancing warehouse organization
  • Increasing handling and storage flexibility
  • Improving product protection
  • Enhancing safe and secure storage 
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