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Rite-Hite pioneered the vehicle restraint industry by introducing the Dok-Lok® in 1980. Rite-Hite has continued to evolve Dok-Lok truck restraints to meet the changes and challenges of the industry. The SHR-5000 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint is the industry’s premium trailer restraint, offering the highest level of safety and performance with a unique rotating hook design. It adds an additional layer of safety by securing intermodal containers or trailers with rear impact guard obstructions.



Shadow Hook Restraint features and benefits:

  • Shadow Hook
    Adds an additional layer of safety by securing intermodal containers or trailers with rear impact guard obstructions.
  • Exclusive Hook Design
    Greatest reach creating a two-point entrapment on RIG.

    Automatic re-fire if the hook is not properly engaged.
  • Widest Working Range
    Consistent contact, securing RIG or ICC bar
  • Withstands The Elements
    Corrosion resistant finish.
    Mounted above ground away from dirt, debris, snow, ice, and standing water.
  • Designed For Impact
    Automatically positioned by the trailer
  • Full-time Communication
    Comes standard with Interior and Exterior LED light indicators
  • Warranty
    Up to 5-year warranty
  • Universal Controls
    Feature audible alarm with coded override, outside light monitors, simple trouble-shooting and self-diagnostics.
  • Security system interface
    Dok-Lok vehicle restraints can physically enhance security at a facility when linked with an active building security system. If an engaged restraint is tampered with, the building security system is notified and facility protocol is followed.


Why Use Vehicle Restraints?

  • Truck driver leaves unexpectedly
  • Trailer moves away from dock due to forklift impact
  • Trailer tip over die to failed landing gear
  • Forklift weights causes the trailer to shift at the end or nose


early departure (blue)
Early Departure



trailer pop-up (blue)
Trailer Pop-Up

trailer creep (blue)
Trailer Creep


Trailer Upending
Landing Gear Collapse


Wheel-Lok Restraints

Rite-Hite Wheel-Lok® restraints provide the highest level of safety for the application. Wheel-Lok restraints service a variety of trailer types, such as trailers with hydraulic liftgates, dropframe trailers and trailers without an effective rear impact guard RIG.

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Global Wheel-Lok
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Manual Wheel-Lok



There are two types of Wheel-Loks, Global Wheel-Lok (GWL) and Manual Wheel-Lok (MWL).
Their features & benefits are:

  • Universal Controls Easy & Automatic Positioned
    Trailer contacts trigger device and energy of the trailer pivots the barrier locking arm into position for GWL

    Ergonomic design is easily positioned with minimal force in front of the trailer’s rearmost or front tire
  • Versatile design
    20″ (0.51 m) high locking arm for GWL and 19” high barrier for MWL secures virtually any trailer with a 30-44″ (0.76-1.1 m) tire diameter
    Services the widest variety of trailers including lift-gates, standard over the road with or without RIG’s, and intermodal container chassis
    43-158″ (GWL) and 43-145”(MWL) engagement range
  • Enhances seal effectiveness
    GWL two wheel guides ensure on-center trailer positioning to protect building wall and enhance dock seal or shelter effectiveness.
  • Safety and Security in your personnel’s hands
    When barrier is properly secured on trailer tire the security latch is engaged insuring that barrier cannot be removed
    Security latch serves as a cargo theft deterrent
    Forklift driver must depress “loading complete” button on inside control box to retract security latch
  • Reliable, low maintenance
    Simple, reliable electro-mechanical design with minimal maintenance
    Surface mounted for easy installation and maintenance
    Performs in all weather conditions
  • Full-time communication
    Comes standard with Interior and Exterior LED light indicators
  • Warranty
    1-year parts and labor warranty

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