Survivor Dock Shelters

The impactable Survivor Dock Shelter can help you prevent the steep repair and replacement costs associated with ordinary, rigid-frame dock shelters. Thanks to rugged Neotec™ HMWPE side frame technology, Survivor shelters can withstand hits from off-center trailers without suffering permanent damage the way traditional shelters made of wood, fiberglass and steel can.

survivor dock shelters
Survivor Dock Shelter
  • Full, unobstructed access to trailer loads by sealing perimeter of trailer.
  • Durable Neotec HMWPE side frame construction provides flexibility to withstand trailer impact.
  • V-Flow fabric header design diverts water to the side of the unit.
  • C-4 style head curtain rests with pressure on top of trailer, creating full-height clearance inside trailer.
  • “Twistable” fiberglass stays provide positive side curtain seal pressure and resist cracking or breaking.
  • Treated wood backer and aluminum trim angle resist rot, rust and decay, providing stability and an aesthetic appearance.
  • Collapsible XLPE foam draft pads seal the lower corners and are damage and wear resistant.
  • Available with high-strenghth Durathon™ fabric – industry’s only friction-resistant, high-wear fabric for added life.



Pitmaster (Under-leveler Seal)


Pitmaster components save energy, help maintain pit cleanliness, and reduce contaminants entering your facility by sealing gaps beneath and around the dock leveler.

Why Use Pitmaster?

  • Reduce heat exchange and energy loss between the inside and external environment
  • Promote facility cleanliness
  • Seal air gaps and daylight
  • Keep workers comfortable, safe
  • Simple maintenance





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