Safe-T-Signal® LED Lights for

Traffic Warning System Facility


Suitable for facility with many blindspots at intersections. Any motorised drivers such as forklift drivers and pedestrians are well-informed of oncoming traffic to prevent accidents.

It happens all the time. Hurried traffic moves in facility crossing paths, creating dangerous situations. Warning signs and mirrors may help but if just one driver or pedestrian is not paying attention the consequences can be costly. To enhance communication in the warehouse or factory among the workers, minor and especially fatal accidents can be avoided to create a safe working environment.

Where there are intersections, especially blindspots, your solution is the Safe-T-Signal® Warning System from Rite-Hite. Safe-T-Signal® let drivers and pedestrians know traffic is approaching from multiple directions. The sensitivity and size of each detection zone is adjustable to each application.

Safe-T-Signal® actively detects oncoming traffic and immediately presents high visibility LED signals, either yellow ‘yield’ triangle sign or red ‘stop’ octagon sign. For even greater visibility, a bright blue LED is projected onto the floor when two or more red LED stop signs appear.


Safe-T-Signal® red ‘stop’ octagon
Safe-T-Signal® yellow ‘yield’ triangle


Blue lights on the ground to warn oncoming traffic


For places where the vision to the Safe-T-Signal® is blocked or when requiring to detect behind a barrier (such as oncoming traffic coming towards the door, depicted below), a remote Signal and remote Sensor Kit can be separately ordered and installed on the side of the barrier coming up to the intersection (behind the door). This remote Sensor and Signal Kit replicates the signal from the Safe-T-Signal® light.

Safe-T-Signal® also detect and show traffic behind closed door


Safe-T-Signal® is easy to install, plug it in and it’s ready to go. The service life is long and there would be no regular maintenance required on this unit.

Configure Safe-T-Signal® for any type of intersections; 2-way, 3-way or 4-way traffic. Here’s how it works.

If traffic enters the detection zone from one direction, the other direction see a ‘yield’ amber sign. If traffic is detected from two or more directions, a red ‘stop’ signal presented to approaching traffic. The remaining directions see ‘yield’ signal and blue light illuminates the floor. If traffic approaches from all directions, all approaching pedestrian or motorized traffic is presented with a red ‘stop’ signal and blue light on the floor.


1-way traffic 
2-way traffic
3-way traffic
4-way traffic


With the award-winning Safe-T-Signal® , you will improve productivity, while protecting your equipment, products, profits and most importantly your people. The Safe-T-Signal® Warning System only from Rite-Hite.